what is steam trade url

If you want to start trading CSGO skins on developed external markets and in direct trade, you need to learn how to get your own Steam URL Trade link.

Behind this term is a simple link that will make it easier for you to use many services. In the following text, we will explain to you how it works and what you need to know about it.

What is a Trade URL?

A Steam trade URL is essentially a URL needed when trading items from the Steam inventory. Each such URL is unique and leads directly to the exchange interface for items from the user’s inventory of that URL. This means that those who want to trade items with you must have your trade address.

So when is it necessary to use this URL?

  • When we want to exchange with a specific person
  • When joining a group of traders (including groups in the Steam community)
  • When using third-party websites

In the Steam Community Marketplace only, there is no need to provide this address, as inventory handling is already integrated there.

Steam Trade URL – Where Is It?

The trade link can be found very easily. First go to your inventory and press the “Trade Offers” button. There you will see a list with trade offers and a menu of additional options on the right. Go to “Who can send me exchange offers?” in the middle of the menu. Selecting this tab will display the page that is responsible for setting up your exchange offers

At the top you’ll see options for displaying your inventory, but we’re interested in the bottom section of this page. Scroll down to the “External Sites” heading, under which you will find information about trading through other services.

In the text box signed “Trade URL” you will find the link you need. You can also generate a completely new exchange link if you need to, but remember that you will then need to update it in all the services you use it in, as the new link makes the previous one obsolete.

Is It Safe To Give An Steam Trade URL?

There is nothing dangerous about just giving an trade link. No one can get into your account using the Steam URL itself. Still, having such a link allows you to send exchange offers to the associated account. This process is sometimes used for fraud. How.

In short, someone who has your trade URL can try to impersonate someone you are about to trade with. They can do this by, for example, setting up the same displayed nickname and avatar as the person you are currently trading with, or by trying to present themselves as a bot from the market you are trading on.

This is why users are so often warned about scammers impersonating counterparties. Remember to always check the identity of the Steam user who sent you the exchange offer. If anything seems suspicious, cancel the offer, generate a new exchange address, and ask them to repeat the transaction.

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