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Hi, my name is Till Esser and I am the owner and chief editor of csgotradingbot.com. I created this site for one simple reason – my friends keep asking me which skin trading sites are the best to use to avoid getting scammed for valuable skins and items on Steam. Unfortunately lately a lot of sites try to change the rules on which they operate and players lose their skins and money because they do not verify whether a given service is really fair.

On this page I share reviews of sites that I use and give a detailed, and most importantly honest opinion on its operation. I am an avid CS:GO player as well as a daily skin trader so I translate my experience in the virtual items economy into reviews that appear on csgotradingbot.com.

I try to make sure that new content is posted daily, however, I don’t always succeed. I encourage you to visit this page often to stay up to date with all the new sites, as well as the bonuses they offer.

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